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Our “Giant’s Playground” has been completely rebuilt in July 2023.  The activity consists of a series of vertical climbing challenges on our 15m pole structure.  


The challenges vary from rope ladders, climbing panels, obstacles, logs, tyres and has been designed to suit all levels of climbing capabilities.

With adrenaline rushing through the body it pushes many participants outside their comfort zone.

A new feature of the structure also incorporates a "Jacob's Ladder" with horizontal logs for a team of 3 climbers to scale up.  The logs become progressively further spaced apart the higher you climb and requires all three team members to work together to help each other to reach the top.

Are you up to the challenge? Can you "Ring the Bell"?  Put the effort in and feel the sense of achievement knowing you have achieved your goal. 

This activity is generally suited from late Grade 5 and over. 

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