Frequently asked Questions

What is included in the Camp Fee?

Our programs and packages are all inclusive. There are no hidden or additional charges other than your own transport costs. Catering commences with morning tea on Day 1 and concludes with lunch on the last day. All cutlery and crockery is provided by the Camp.

Do activities stop in wet weather?

There are shelters at the majority of the activity areas and unless there are severe weather events, activities continue as normal. Guests are required to bring along a raincoat to ensure they are prepared in the event of inclement weather. During severe weather events, we have a range of activities that can be conducted indoors.

Who is Camp Goodenough available for?

Camp Goodenough operates for school groups. We are open during school term dates and Monday to Friday only. Curriculum based programmes are tailored to help support learning outcomes in an outdoor environment. Programmes are aimed at developing leadership, teamwork, orientation and life skills.

How many beds are available?

We are able to cater up to 178 guests in dormitory style/cabin accommodation.

What do guests need to pack?

We have compiled a suggested packing list. Quantities may vary depending on duration of stay and seasonal temperatures. Follow link here. PACKING LIST We recommend to pack conservatively as the students are responsible to carry all their own luggage. For ease of access on arrival we recommend to pack their tea towel and rain coat in their backpack. In the event of inclement weather please ensure pillows and sleeping bags are placed in a plastic bag or own suitcase.

Where are the nearest medical facilities?

In the event of a guest requiring medical attention there are a number of doctor's surgeries within a 5 to 10 minute drive. The nearest hospital is the Tweed Heads District Hospital which also provides Ambulance services to the area. School Leaders are required to accompany any guest that requires medical attention.

What allergies do you cater for? Do I need to bring anything?

Camp Goodenough caters for the following allergies: Nut, Egg, Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Shellfish.

Schools are provided with a comprehensive menu matrix that identifies allergens present and list of our available substitutions. Please contact school if these are required.

In the event that we are unable to substitute a particular item or a specific dietary requirement is not catered for, we respectfully request that the guest provide their own suitable substitution with something the same or similiar.

In the event that a guest provides a substitution please bear in mind that we are predominately a nut and egg free venue.

Food Items must be packaged and transported in accordance with Safe Food Handling Guidelines (i.e Frozen or chilled items are packed in chiller bags with ice bricks). Please label all items with name and meal they are substituting.

We provide the following types of milk for use on Cereal : Full Cream, Lite, Lactose Free, Soy and Rice Milk. Alternate milk is to be provided by guests if required.

Additional Diets catered for are: Vegetarians and Halal.

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